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Downline Of Leaders

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Jul 5, 2019

This show almost didn't go out. I recorded it late and thought I sounded "tired". I was hung up on sound quality, the length....worried I didn't give enough selfish of me. After I coming to my senses and remembering WHO I was serving, I realized I needed to get it out right away. So I cut the intro short and cut right into it (a little late, but you won't miss anything important). I hope you get much value from this.

I tell people all of the time... "find target audiences to market to"...but after getting feedback, I realized people were having a hard time figuring out exactly what that looked like.  

Today I give specific examples of people you can target and market to, and HOW....depending on what MLM you're matter if it's for the opportunity side or product side. 

As leaders in MLM, and business in general, the idea/goal is to solve specific problems for specific people. This is exactly what the big brands do....and it's what your personal brand should be doing too!

Enjoy the show!