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Success Master Pack

Jan 25, 2020

What's up Leaders! You're receiving this link as a promised bonus for joining my team. This package will help you automate your lead-gen, social media content, prospecting as well as create an additional stream of income while you build your Network Marketing business. 

I am here to help you setup your account(s) for these services, implement them into your business and help you create your own "Masters Package" that you can hand out to people that join you!

  1. Text your list: Get your lead-gen landing page, text marketing system and CRM, all in one. Get prospects and potential customers texting you, asking to buy your product and join your team! Free and paid versions available. Setup here.
  2. Auto publish your social media content: Standing out and becoming an authority figure takes showing up consistently every day! If you're busy....and who isn't with a full-time job, parenting, school, life,'s almost impossible to post valuable content 3-4 times a day (like the experts say you should) on multiple social media platforms. Solve this problem by setting up a post scheduler to automatically post your content every day, all day, around the clock, even while you sleep. Save time! Free and paid versions available. Setup here.
  3. Learn Marketing: It was always strange to me that marketing isn't taught in "network marketing". All that changes now that you're on my team. Get a phd level education in marketing from a 5th grade level presentation. In other words, it's an easy read (or listen), pack with valuable information. Learn REAL marketing. Text me, this is free to you from me. 
  4. Get "your name . com" domain: One of the must have's  for any leader in business is to own their online brand.  If you haven't already, grab your name/brand in the dot com real estate NOW. Text me, this if free to you from me. 
  5. Learn how to share your story: This is the one thing that has completely changed my business and life! The most ineffective thing you can do in marketing is trying to get your message across without telling stories. Learn this skill, implement it in your marketing and you'll get more attention, more leads & be unforgettable! Text me, this is free to you from me. 


Text me with any question or if you need help setting any of this up. I'm here for you!

-Ramahn [Real Upline]