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Downline Of Leaders

"Focus on helping other achieve their greatness, and yours will come"

-Ramahn Henderson

Nov 9, 2019

Leadership duplicates.

I get passionate in this one! After years of making lists, reaching out to random people one by one.....asking without giving...being on 3-way calls and trying my best to stay excited, even though I wasn't having fun at all, I finally realized that focusing on...and building a team of leaders is the only thing that duplicates...and the only way for this business to truly work. 

Sound clip played was Bob Proctor speaking on Eric Worre's podcast. Please support their content by clicking the links below.

Eric Worre: Network Marketing Pro

Bod Proctor: Bob Proctor TV

Just curious...what's your biggest struggle? I'd love to connect so we can grow, "help each other help others" and WIN. Text the word downline to the number 31996, so we can have a conversation. Thanks so much for listening and supporting this show!