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Downline Of Leaders

Wake up the Leader Inside you, and build your Network Marketing business like a business (aka: without spamming or chasing strangers on social media).

A show about Discovering your Purpose, Finding Fulfillment and Serving people.

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Nov 7, 2019

Leaders are a catalyst for change.
I believe this episode will help you with your 'What' and ‘How’ of the who, what, how formula.
To create change we must first understand problems of those we are serving, whether we bring them into our downline or not.
How do we see the problems that those in our downline are facing that are keeping them from their goals or big leap, and then help them change their negative or limiting beliefs?...
We gain understand by asking questions and LISTENING to those involved with the problem.
John tells a story about a friend of his who wanted to pioneer change in the mortgage industry by reducing the loan processing time from 30-90 average to 7 days! Despite the resistance and pushback he received, he was able to change his employees opinions of thinking a 7 day loan couldn’t be done. 
Take aways:
  • People believe what they think.
  • Leaders have to be opinion thinking molders (change I cant’s to I can’s and self-limiting beliefs to beliefs of unlimited possibilities)

Audio clip from John Maxwell’s podcast. Hear the interview in it’s entirety here. Please support his show!


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